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Smokeless, compact and high-performance incinerator

• The furnace is sealed, and the air jet system supplies only the required amount of air to achieve thermal decomposition.

• Designed with energy-saving specifications in which the unique air nozzles do not require supplementary fuel at high temperatures.

• A dust-collecting cyclone circulates the exhaust gas and generates centrifugal force. This enables an effective dust collection method since the dust is kept inside the cyclone for extended periods.

• Decomposition is carried out with a forced exhaust system that enhances the balance and dust-collecting effects.

• The burners promote temperature increase within the furnace, which not only prevents the furnace temperature from dropping and promotes high-temperature decomposition within the furnace but also ventilates the exhaust without smoke or odor.

• Possible to inject additional fuel whenever needed while blocking off external air.

• The dust-collecting cyclone and exhaust stack are treated with alumite to provide superior levels of durability.



Solar Power Generation Systems

• We stock brands produced by the world’s top manufacturers to enable customers to operate solar power generation systems with ease.
• Do you have any land or rooftops that are going to waste? Installing SEC Elevator’s solar power generation systems will put them to good use by turning them into efficient and profitable facilities through the sale of the electricity generated.
• Suggestions to ensure that SEC Elevator’s solar power generation systems match up perfectly with the place and region of installation are provided.
• Not all manufacturers and products produce the same level of generated power. We will suggest optimal plans based on installation examples carried out in alignment with a wide range of conditions, including budget, installation area, climate, and customer preferences.
• We provide solar power generation systems on a one-stop basis.
Consulting → Design → Procurement → Installation → Maintenance services



LED Lights

• SEC Elevator helps customers replace existing lighting with LED lights to achieve energy savings and cost reduction.
• We will suggest optimal plans for switching across the LED lights in alignment with all the customer preferences based on the abundant product lineups we have acquired results with so far.
• LED lights play an important role in drastically reducing electricity bills. LEDs emit practically no ultraviolet rays. LEDs save energy and greatly reduce CO2 emissions. They have extended lifespans, are lightweight and safe; and replacements cost less.
•We provide LED lights on a one-stop basis.
Consulting → Design → Procurement → Installation → Maintenance services



Digital Signage

• Digital signage is a system that uses displays and other forms of electrical equipment. It is used to exhibit videos and images for distributing advertisements, news, notices and other types of information.
• These systems are currently installed in more than 1,000 locations and being used by a large number of customers for such purposes as large-screen displays on building facades, posting company outlines on exhibition booths, providing tenant information in shopping malls, providing information at reception areas at the entrance of large companies, posting notices on events in hotels, and displaying information on elevator monitors, etc.
•We provide all required aspects on a one-stop basis, from the production of original housing to contents production and maintenance, based on the knowhow we have accumulated over many years in the field of elevator maintenance.
Feel free to inquire anything including upgrading networks, touch panels, multilingual support, rentals, and installation in elevators, etc. We also provide maintenance services. Our nationwide network responds speedily in times of trouble and provides regular maintenance as well.
•We provide digital signage solutions on a one-stop basis.
Consulting → Design → Procurement → Installation → Maintenance services