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New Equipment Installation

Safe and Comfortable Elevators

Our goal is to develop transport unit (elevator and escalator) that will cater to the various needs of our client, including those that transport passengers and equipment for residential, commercial and industrial type of infrastructure. We also develop types of elevator that respond and adapt to the prevalent conditions at the place of installation



The average life span of elevators is between 20 to 25 years. Renovations/Modernizations can eliminate several problems that currently exists with your elevator units such as unnecessary vibrations, unwanted noises and many more due to the wear and tear effect. This not only improves comfort, it also makes your elevator unit safer, more reliable, more efficient and energy-saving for we will provide and utilize the latest inverter unit technology that our company develop.


24-hour Operations Providing Safety in Emergencies

Urban lifestyles can no longer do without elevators.
Work and daily life is paralyzed when elevators break down.
SEC Elevator operates a 24-hour, 365-day system to cope with unexpected malfunctions by accurately identifying the situation with remote monitoring systems and direct communication devices installed in elevators. This enables us to respond immediately.

* We will provide consultations on optional remote monitoring systems and direct communication devices in the near future.

Maintenance at Reasonable Prices

The highest priority is always placed on safety. Despite this, SEC Elevator’s corporate stance is also to provide cost-effective services.
We can respond both flexibly and speedily from the standpoint of our customers as a company involved in the maintenance of independent elevators.
Reasonable prices and high-level technical skills.
We aim to provide support that focuses on these two propositions.

Security Building Equipment

CCTV ĻOption

Elevator will be a temporary closed room which stoke passenger’s anxiety. Because unspecified number of passengers can enter and exit elevators in buildings and apartments, it can be a cause of crimes.
In addition, mischiefs on operating panels in elevators may cause troubles and breakdown of elevators which increases owner’s burden.
In such cases, by installing CCTV in elevators, it can leave the video recordings to deter such crimes.
To ensure that everyone can use the facilities in relief, we offer the CCTV systems for elevator and building entrance, etc.