Providing the Japanese Technology to the world.
The Reliable Elevator Company.

Japanese Technology in the Philippines

SEC Elevator is an elevator company with fifty years of experience in Japan. We are now set to provide high-quality services, which capitalize on the knowhow we have accumulated in Japan, to the Philippines.

Providing the most up-to-date, safe and comfortable elevators at reasonable prices.

Leave all of your elevator necessities up to SEC Elevator, the specialist in the field.

Providing safe and comfortable elevators.

Elevators are indispensable forms of transportation in today’s urban societies, and they work relentlessly day and night to enhance our lifestyles.
This convenient form of transportation contains extremely complex mechanisms, and they must be carefully maintained. Making sure that elevators continue to operate over short distances without human intervention, without breaks and for long periods of time requires faultless designs and unrelenting effort by maintenance staff.

Fifty Years of Results in Japan

SEC Elevator is a specialist in the maintenance and management of all elevators produced by all manufacturers, and has been successfully operating in Japan. Our stance of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers has enabled us to provide safety through our high-grade technical skills since our establishment fifty years ago during Japan’s period of rapid growth until today.
We at SEC Elevator will continue to provide elevator safety and comfort at reasonable prices in our role of taking care of society’s infrastructure.